eWebLog Analyzer Features


eWebLog Analyzer can generate a wide range of reports and statistics from your log file, with 2D and 3D graphs.
  • General statistics of your website's performance and visitor behavior
  • Statistics about web server activity: Monthly Access, Daily Access, Hour of Day, Day of Week, Day of Month
  • Statistics about visitors: Most Recents, Hosts, Domains, Top-Level Domains, Countries, Regions, US States, Canada Provinces, China Provinces, Cities, Browsers, Operating Systems, Visiting Spiders, Number of Visits, Length of Visits, Authenticated Users
  • Statistics about data access: URLs, Pages, Downloaded Files, Images, Audio Files, Video Files, Directories, File Types, File Extensions, Entry Pages, Exit Pages
  • Statistics about referrers: Referring Domains, Referring Pages, Search Engines, Search Phrases, Search Keywords
  • Statistics about server errors: Error Types, 404 Errors, Other Errors


eWebLog Analyzer has a set of powerful filters. These filters allow you to isolate, separate and exclude different sets of data, giving the user the ability to focus only on the relevant information, without it being hidden by "general information".
  • Visitor filers: User address, Referring URL, Operating System, Browser, Spider, Request Type
  • Activity filters: Range of dates, Day of week, Hour of day, Day of month, Month
  • Data access filters: Requested file, Status Code, Virtual Domain


  • Works under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 operating system
  • Supports NCSA, Apache (Combined and Common) and IIS 4/5/6 logs
  • Automatically detects the log format
  • Can read gz and zip compressed logs
  • Can download logs via FTP and HTTP
  • Log cache for downloaded log files
  • Support log files from multiple sources
  • Recognition of visitors countries and cities using IP mapping databases
  • Customizable number of items in reports
  • Multithreaded DNS lookup
  • Command line support and date macros
  • Intuitive interface and built-in wizards
  • Integrated report viewer
  • Reports in multiple languages
  • Export reports in HTML, Microsoft Word, CSV and XML formats

Download the free trial version, you will find much more powerful features of eWebLog Analyzer.

View the sample report for more details.